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Adafruit has today announced the arrival and availability of two new Raspberry Pi products you might find useful and take the form of the Pimoroni OnOff SHIM and Pimoroni Button SHIM.

Both the Raspberry Pi Pimoroni OnOff SHIM and Pimoroni Button SHIM with 5 x tactile, right-angle push buttons are priced at $6.95 and both are in stock as of the current time.

Pimoroni’s SHIMs (Shove Hardware in the Middle) are a new range of boards designed to be small, affordable, and handy. They’re just 0.8mm thick (the bare board, not including mounted components) and designed to be soldered straight onto the GPIO pins of your Pi, if you wish, so that you can use them with HATs and pHATs on top.

Just plug your micro-USB power supply into the micro-B connector on OnOff SHIM, and then press the button once to switch on power and boot up your Pi. After installing our software (details below), you can press the button again to initiate a clean shutdown and completely cut the power to your Pi.

Pimoroni’s SHIM-format boards are designed to slip neatly onto your Pi’s GPIO pins and still allow you to use HATs and pHATs at the same time. Or solder the included female header onto Button SHIM and use it as a standalone board. The buttons and status LED stick out from the top edge of your Pi, making them easy to access.

Use Button SHIM to add physical interaction and visual feedback to your project. It makes the perfect controller for LED boards like Unicorn pHAT and Blinkt! Or why not use it with Four Letter pHAT to turn your Pi into an alarm clock, or stopwatch/timer?

For more information on the two new products jump over to the official Adafruit online store for more details.  If you enjoy building Pi projects you might be interested in our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and small screens.

Source: Adafruit


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