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Air conditioners can be expensive to run, especially when they are needed most, but one company if hoping to help save your cash and has created Mistbox. An AC connected device that pre-cools your conditioners air intake to boost your AC’s efficiency by 30 percent say its developers.

Watch the demonstration video below to lean more about the design and technology incorporated into Mistbox, which is now available to back via Kickstarter and has already raised three times its required pledge goal with still 59 days remaining on the campaign.

The development team behind Mistbox explain more about the unique AC device:

Many connected devices only save energy when their owners are involved. Take a smart learning thermostat for example. You have to continually train it until it knows your preferences and can optimize for savings. That#8217s fine and good, but what happens if you teach it bad habits or don#8217t take the time to teach it at all? Don#8217t we all want to save energy, even if we aren#8217t so efficient ourselves?

Enter Mistbox. Mistbox maximizes energy savings with no changes to your daily habits and no sacrificing your personal comfort. The result is proven savings, and you don#8217t have to change a thing. Simply install, track and save #8211 it#8217s that easy. With Mistbox, you can go green and save green#8230 the best of both worlds!

Mistbox is a universally compatible, connected device that attaches to your existing AC unit in minutes. It uses evaporative cooling to pre-cool the intake air, which makes your AC more efficient. The resulting efficiency boost means shorter run times and savings of 20-38% on your cooling bills.

Worried about installation? Don#8217t be. Mistbox attaches to your AC unit in minutes. In just a few steps, you can hook up Mistbox and start saving money. You don#8217t need any special tools, either. A simple screwdriver will do the trick.

For more information on the new Mistbox jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter