Netflixrsquos new show The OA ended on a mysterious note, leaving viewers with more questions than answers. The show slyly hints at this when the teacher asks the OA: ldquowhy do we always have to understand things?rdquo And as our narrator shares her questionable story in the abandoned house, she does attempt to answer some of the many questions raised by her survival tale. But when it comes to understanding the eerie, inter-dimensional series, therersquos plenty of unfinished business to explore.

Here, eleven questions The OA still needs to answer.

1. Did the OA fear a shooting because she heard about the shooter on the news? Midway through the season, when Phyllis is at her house reminiscing about her late brother, we hear a news broadcast about a shooting. Did the OA (Brit Marling) catch this news too? If so, maybe the OA isn#8217t a clairvoyant whose premonitions come true. She could be, as Elias suggests, simply absorbing information around her that later pops up during dream mode.

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2. How could she possibly have known that Hap killed his mentor? For reasons not fully explained, the OA flashes back to a story about how Dr. Hap (Jason Isaacs) shared some ego-stroking banter over baguettes with the scientist who trained him. The show seems to present Hap#8217s eventual drowning of his mentor as the OArsquos account. There#8217s one glaring issue with that telling, however, as we never hear the doctor divulge any information about this late-night meeting. When Hap is about to experiment with OA#8217s life, he says he got his forehead scar to protect the work, but that#8217s it.

JoJo Whilden—Netflix

3. So how do these magical group dances ldquoworkrdquo exactly? For reasons that remain unclear, the path to freedom is a performance of five movements with ldquoperfect feeling.rdquo The choreography does heal Scott and the coprsquos wife, but the show doesnrsquot explain why these moves open up a portal to another dimension. Maybe it works because together, the group directs an energy current toward Khatun. Or perhaps itrsquos about the power of forging a new family full of desperate survivors. We know it#8217s the keymdashbut the show doesn#8217t tell us why.

JoJo Whilden—Netflix