Compile Heart has released a teaser trailer and opened the teaser website for Arc of Alchemist, its newly announced RPG for PlayStation 4.

Here is an overview of the game#8217s story, via this week#8217s issue of Weekly Famitsu:

Just under 100 years have passed since the founding of a small kingdom. Quinn, a young commander who belongs to its army, is chosen as the commander to lead the group who will investigate the #8220Desert of Beginnings#8221 where a #8220great power#8221 that can save humanity is said to lie dormant. However, the research groups of other countries eyeing the desert have either been annihilated or forced to withdraw. But even so, for the hopes of mankind and the sake of her friends, Quinn set off on her journey.

If you missed it earlier today, view the first screenshots and read up on more information about the game here.

Arc of Alchemist is due out for PlayStation 4 on November 29 in Japan.

Watch the teaser trailer below.


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