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A team of developers at Nommi based in Los Angeles California have created a mobile route which they say is the first that can be used at both home and abroad. The Nommi router uses a combination of LTE hotspot, virtual sim technology and dual WiFi to enable users to seamless connect wherever they may be in the world. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the virtual sim, dual Wi-Fi and wireless charging hardware.

Features of Nommi :

#8211 Worldwide Use #8211 Nommi#8217s virtual SIM solution removes the need to buy a local SIM in every country you visit or use expensive data roaming. You will be online in 100+ countries with 500MB fast LTE data for less than $4 per day. Even better, opt for the $35 global data plan and save up to 70% off an average data plan with 5GB of data in 100+ countries. Both options include unlimited connection to millions of wifi networks all over the world.

#8211 Wifi Optimization #8211 Nommi’s unique dual wifi feature saves your cellular data by seamlessly connecting your device to public wifi networks. It also provides a separate guest wifi network that you can share with family and friends. Lastly, it serves a wifi range extender so you can enjoy wifi in a cozier part of your home.

#8211 Smart Charging #8211 Nommi#8217s Power version allows you to charge your phone using its Qi Wireless charger by simply placing your device directly onto the charging pad. No more wall chargers, adaptors or USB ports when you#8217re on the go. It#8217s compatible with all Qi-certified devices so #8220shoot, my phone battery is dying#8221 syndrome is replaced with a full charge and more online time.

Nommi is now available to back with pledges starting from $60 offering a 50% saving off the recommended retail price. If all goes well Nommi will start shipping during June 2018.

Source: Indiegogo